Our most frequent question: 

How much do you charge? 

A: We don’t charge you anything for booking entertainers into your events. The entertainers set their own fees, and they pay us for assisting them in securing bookings. 

Q. How much do these entertainers charge?

A. All of our entertainers set their own fees, and these represent a wide range depending on the kind of entertainment, the type and length of event, location and more. If you let us know your budget and your program details, we can usually locate someone suitable to meet your needs. If you have your heart set on a specific entertainer, we will get a quote for you to consider.

Q. The group or the type of program we want is not listed here. Can you help?

A. Yes, absolutely! We work with many additional entertainers and other booking agencies all over the world and can locate other professionals for you. The ones featured here are exactly that: today’s features!

Q. I am an entertainer. How can I get featured here?

A. Contact us anytime, and we will be happy to schedule a  meeting to learn about you. We do include new entertainers frequently and also are available for personal support such as developing your promotional package, handling your marketing or  managing your social media.